And now VINYL RECORDS!!! CD & DVD & Blu-ray Manufacturing.

High Quality CD, DVD-5, DVD-9 and Blu ray Replication and Duplication, with High Resolution Offset Printing

Winner of a GOLD MEDAL at the International Technical Fair 2003, Plovdiv-Bulgaria


A super novelty is the production of VINYL RECORDS – 180 g

Now USB recording and personalization of your music!

Production / Replication of optical disks consists of the following processes:

  • Creating Glass-Matrix on glass;
  • Manufacture of Nickel Stamper from Glassmaster;
  • Injection molding of polycarbonate disk by / by Stamper;
  • Metallization and Varnishing of the optical disc.

Competitive Prices-Short Term-Uncompromising Quality-Guaranteed Shipping

We offer you:

  • preparation of the Matrix and matrix recording on the optical media;
  • high quality full color printing on the disc;
  • preparing a free project on how to print on your Drive;
  • possibility for individual packaging;
  • recording of music, movies, software, presentations and more;
  • copy protection of the recording;
  • possibility of making optical media of different size;
  • possibility to produce CD-R and DVD-R with your company logo;
  • possibility of making a Combined Disk – software and music.

March 22, 2020 — IMPORTANT NEWS on copyright in the Republic of Bulgaria:

Law for amendment of the Law for the administrative regulation of the production and trade with optical disks, matrices and other carriers, containing objects of copyright and related rights. Certificates are no longer issued.


Възможност за различни цветове!
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Music rights holders can be divided into two groups:

Copyright holders and Related rights holders.

What are the rights of the Composer:

  • the reproduction of the musical work;
  • distribution of the musical work (of the original or copies thereof)
  • public presentation and performance of the musical work, processing of the musical work;
  • wireless transmission or cable transmission, import and export of copies of the work
  • What are the rights of performers:
  • the broadcasting of its performance by wireless means, transmission by cable or other technical means, the sound recording, the reproduction of the recordings on sound or video carriers and their distribution;
  • public performance, wireless transmission by cable or other technical means of these recordings;
  • offering electronically the recorded performance or part thereof;
  • import and export of copies of the performance record

What are the rights of the producer:

  • sound reproduction sound distribution;
  • import and export of copies of the sound recording;
  • wireless transmission, transmission by cable or other technical means of sound recording; offering sound recording electronically
  • What are the rights of the music publisher:
  • right to record;
  • right of performance, copying, inclusion of the work in a new, different work