HQ Large format printing, Signs, Volumetric inscriptions, Illuminated letters-Neon and Led, BANNER WALLS, Mobile Studio

Production of all types of signboards, Volumetric inscriptions Highlight letters Neon and Led high quality and long life!
We have a team of professionals for installation and maintenance of neon signs.


> Illuminated letters
>>> Plates of etalbond
>>> Of corporate illuminated signs illuminated advertising
>>> Neon and neon




Large format printing – up to 740dpi

Recommended for images viewed from a distance. Suitable for printing billboards, banners, outdoor advertising.

High resolution printing – up to 1400dpi

For images that are viewed at close range. Suitable for printing stickers, posters, foils for shop windows, paintings, photo wallpapers.


We offer lamination of foils or papers. Recommended for images that are exposed to external conditions. Protects against scratches or fading of colors.

Plotter cutting of foil along the contour

Plotter cutting of PVC foils along the contour. Drawing patterns from foil or paper. Production of Labels in all forms.

Sewing Vinyl and Placing Eyelets

Sewing pockets and hems on vinyl panels is an integral process that helps to install them. The caps are necessary for the installation of the billboards, through them the optimal stretching of the vinyls is achieved.

Photo wallpapers

Висококачествен Печат на фототапети върху хартия или пвц фолио.

Advertising systems

Спомагателни съоръжения за изтегляне на рекламни винилови пана във височина. Без стълба, без вишка, без алпинисти.