High Quality VINYL RECORDS of 180 g.

You can now order your vinyl record. Our work is synonymous with high-quality records, first-class printing and packaging, short lead times, worldwide distribution and industry-leading customer service.
Everything we do goes through rigorous inspections at every stage of production, the machines are based on NewBilt Record Presses, applying a modern scientific approach to vinyl pressing and ensuring that the machine works at the highest level with the most demanding control of quality.

We offer a full range of services from audio recording to the final product, to your music in a fully formed final product: we produce 12″ records, both 33 and 45 RPM, and print covers, sleeves, inlays, labels, stickers in all sizes and monochrome, full color or special colors, varnishes, embossed printing, and we will pack your product in a cardboard cover, inner sleeve and foil.

We strive to create high quality vinyl records for projects of all sizes, from circulations of 150 pieces to thousands.

Let’s not forget, we produce some of the highest quality vinyl records of 180 g and can be in a different color than black.

Be with us and enjoy the real dense sound!

ANGEL DYULGEROV – SETIVA (produced in 2021 – 180 g black vinyl)
ANGEL DYULGEROV – SETIVA (produced in 2021 – 180 g black vinyl)
MILCHO LEVIEV Sonata ’57 (produced in 2021 – 180 g black vinyl)


ANGEL DYULGEROV – GABANA (produced in 2021 – 180 g black vinyl)


CEH DEPRESIA – SETIVA (produced in 2022 – 180 g White vinyl)


VACUUM – (produced in 2022 – 180 g black vinyl)

VACUUM – (produced in 2022 – 180 g black vinyl)

More colors
We produce some of the highest quality vinyl records of 180 g

Templates for 12″ records

Templates for 7″ records



Questions and answers.

What do I need to order?
To order, you need audio files in the .wav or .aiff format (16-32bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz). Also polygraph files (.PDF format), in case of full-color printing of “apples” and covers.
How do I place an order?
You send us audio files and polygraph files with the indication of the desired quantity. We, based on the specifications of the order, make an invoice, after payment of which we launch your order into production.
How I can pay the invoice?
By transfer to our bank, specified in invoice details. 100% advance payment.
Is it possible to order a test-press or just a couple of dozen records?
Our equipment is made for big quantities, so the minimal order, from which we start production – 150 pieces.

What material is used to produce vinyl records?
Special premium vinyl material from the Netherlands. With no recycled additives.
How long does production take?
Usually we are ready to ship goods within 6 weeks from the date of invoice payment (currently beginning in 2022, the period is about 16-18 weeks, and should be considered after that and the completion of the cover and foiling). But it is worth to have an additional time in reserve, due to national holidays and the overall workload of the factory.
Is it possible to produce vinyl records within 4 weeks?
In some cases, this is possible. In any case, we are ready to discuss this.
We store audio stamps in archive for 1 year time minimum, so you have an option of making re-press.

Test press.
The sound quality of the records will match the file you submitted! But, in the production process we can make so-called test presses, in order to avoid any confusion / misunderstanding. It costs an extra 60 Euro (5 pieces) plus postage. And it will lengthen the process for a 3-4 weeks. If the test presses (taking into account specifics of matrix production) does not match your file – we will remake the matrix at our own expense. If you would want to make any changes in matrix for other reasons, you shall take expenses for another matrix and stamp production.

Audio files.
What type of audio file do I need to provide?
For best sound of records, we recommend sending us audio files, specially mastered for a vinyl record, preferably by audio engineer, which has professional experience. This is a very important moment, it needs special attention. Along with audio files, you need to provide a list of tracks with duration, and also to report on the nuances and wishes, if you have any. After production start, it is not possible to make changes in the audio files.
How will my music sound on the record?
The sound quality corresponds to the file sent. At us audio-files does not pass additional mastering/compression, and are immediately sent to the production of DMM/Lacquer and stamps.
My music sounds “different”, why?
Before sending audio-files to us, make sure that they sound like you intended. We are not your sound engineers and we do not have your understanding of how your music should sound.
I think I hear a hiss (crack, click), why?
A record is a physical object, which is affected by statics and attracts dust well. Make sure that the plate is clean and the statics is removed. The record is one of the best physical types of audio record. This means that it will sound qualitative, but does not mean that it will sound noiseless. Take in advance, that composition quality in start of record is better than one, which is close to run-out groove is
The vinyl record sounds quieter than in the digital version, why?
If the length of one side of the plate exceeds 15 minutes – the volume reduces due the DMM/Lacquer production technology. The shorter the duration of one side, the louder sound will be.
In case of other questions – please contact us via e-mails: baburov1@abv.bg, info@revolution-nb.com