CARD Printing

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We offer you Full color printing of all types of cards and for the first time the printing is:

  • High resolution;
  • Allows end-to-end printing of the card on both sides;
  • Allows printing on cards with Chip, contactless and with magnetic tape;
  • We perform the service of personalization of the cards with Name, Number, QR code or bar code.

Plastic cards of all kinds have entered our lives completely. Debit or credit card, phone card, Internet access card, membership card for a club, SIM card in your mobile phone, in schools, in companies such as access cards, in fitness clubs, in restaurants and hotels, in forwarding and logistics and many others. In the Retail outlets, where the introduction of customer cards is a proven easy and effective way to retain and stimulate customers; In Tourism with the introduction of personal cards for each client, so that he can come back to you again during the next holiday season as a discount card or a GOLD or SILVER card, so that the clit can feel special; Healthcare facilities apply cards for subscription medical services to their patients, which leads to lower prices of services, higher level personal care, security and image; Prepaid customer cards are used as a means of payment – the customer pays a certain amount in advance and receives a card against it. Membership, Client or VIP card – these cards allow you to use services or visit various events and events, sports competitions, concerts and others and along with a discount in the price and a number of other benefits – VIP space, free wardrobe and drink, free parking , free souvenirs and promotional materials, thus the advantages are obvious – prepayment for services, customer loyalty and attracting new customers ….